A time to reflect..

As I sit here on my bed, listening to Christmas carols and drinking tea, trying to hurry up the next couple of hours so I can head to the airport to fly out to Vietnam where I’ll be seeing my family after five months of being away, I’m looking through my photos reminiscing of the year so far. And its got me thinking..

2013 has been good to me. A rocky start on the love front, several bad decisions – one very good decision and many, many fabulous experiences. I’ve had my heart broken, quit my job, moved to Holland, made a bunch of new friends, seen places I’ve dreamt about for years and realised how important your good friends are.

The first few months of the year were somewhat ordinary. My job was satisfactory and stable. My friendship group was solid. My house overlooked the beach and my housemates were awesome. My weekends were filled with going out with friends, going to festivals and beach dates. Okay, so it wasn’t ordinary, life was pretty good but deep down I knew I had bigger dreams to see to.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long. I had intended on going overseas this year – it was one goal I wanted to achieve. Due to a generous bonus from work I was able to format my dream into reality. I spent the next month and a half preparing for my trip, resigning from my great job, saying goodbye to my awesome pals and moving out of my wonderful house. I knew I would miss beautiful Newcastle and its gorgeous beaches, excellent coffee and relaxed vibe. But I wasn’t sad to be leaving, I knew my time there was over – I was ready for my next chapter.

The following month I had the greatest month of my life. I travelled around Europe with a busload of the best people I’ve ever encountered. I reunited with an old friend and it felt like we hadn’t spent the last two years apart. I met a boy who gave me my confidence in the male species back. I ticked off things on my bucket list and remembered how great the freedom of travelling is. Not a single moment of this time was spent wishing I was back home. I had never been more happier with my choices in life. Everything felt right and in place.

Unfortunately my month of pure happiness had to come to an end, but this didn’t I couldn’t stay totally elated with life. Whilst I was mildly terrified about my next adventure, I was excited to push my boundaries and test myself. Moving to Holland turned out to be a breeze. With the help of my friends, family, the new boy and my host family I was able to adjust to my new life easily. I made friends quickly, adapted to my new routine in a flash, even mastered the art of bicycle riding in a matter of weeks. I kept trying to not jinx myself but I just wanted to tell the world I was so incredibly happy.

Fast forward to today and I sit here in my room in Den Haag, looking out the window to the dreary, rainy weather and I can’t think of another place to be. Well, in Vietnam with a cocktail by the beach but apart from that – I was happy to be returning here in the new year.

I guess, in reflection to the year that 2013 has been – its been a learning curve with a bunch of laughs along the way. Its definitely been a year that has not only been memorable, but life changing. And while I love being the independent, globe trotting gal, I honestly can’t wait to spend my favourite time of year with the three most important people in my life – my mother, father and sister. Bring on my 12 hour flight!


From the girl who needs a serious Vitamin D fix

J. x

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