About Me

Well hello there..

Firstly, thank you for taking the time and effort to have a squiz at my online life. Mucho appreciated-o. As you can see, my six months in a Spanish speaking continent had little effect on me, but we can’t all be Don Juan around here.

Back to it.

I’m Jess, an Australian with perpetual wanderlust. So much wanderlust in fact, that I have the word tattooed terribly on my left foot. Note to self: (and others) Don’t get a tattoo in Cambodia if you’re 18 and spent the past week drinking. But that my amigos, is another story.

I have travelled to 32 countries – more if you could airport layovers but really, can you? I can’t specify a favourite country because each of them had their own special thing about them but if I had to pick then its a toss up between Colombia, Turkey,  The Netherlands and of course my very own Australia.

I am a solo traveller. At first it wasn’t by choice, its just no-one else would come with me. But since leaving on the big jet plane all by myself, I’ve learned to love solo travel and what it offers. The freedom of doing what I please, when I please is liberating and its also been a fanastic way to discover what I truly like and dislike. It’s not to say I’m always alone though. The best part of solo travel is the people you meet along the way and I can tell you that I’ve met some pretty incredible people!

I started this blog as a way of letting my friends and family inside my life whilst travelling, as well as I way for me to remember all the cool shiz I’ve gotten up to. In fact, every now and then I’ll just read through all the posts and reminisce about the good times. This is usually followed by a bout of mild travel depression and another flight ticket booked.

I’ve always loved photography but only very recently gotten into it. After purchasing a swanky camera (Olympus OM-D E5 for those playing at home) I’ve really fallen hard for photography and watching as much tutorials as I can so I can take the most amazing photos ever! I also have my trusty GoPro who has been the real MVP, letting me share places that no other camera would go!

Anyway enough rambling, you’ll read enough of that in my blog posts. Thanks again for paying a visit to my little blog and I hope you enjoy the stories and advice I offer. And by all means, be my spellcheck – because I’m terrible!

Much love!

J. x