Why You Should Travel..

In recent months I have noticed the abundance of articles, stories and quotes on why you should travel. Whilst I think all of them are 100% true, I have to question why it’s so important for people to have a motive to travel? Do we now need a quote from a very important person or a picture of the Eiffel Tower with words saying ‘Just Go’ to justify why we want to see the world? I won’t lie here, I too am inspired by travel stories and have my fair share of travel quotes stashed away, but the sole reason … Continue reading Why You Should Travel..

Karma Chameleon.

There comes a time in ones life when their whole life is brought to a ground-breaking crash and nothing makes sense anymore and you are just not sure whether you can deal with waking up in the morning. Yes, I’m referring to the time one loses their mobile phone. Before I dull you with my whinging and whining about how sad I am that my beloved yellow iPhone is now in the hands of somebody else, I’ll share the rest of the story because honestly despite the cannonball of sadness of my dearly departed has knocked me out with, the events … Continue reading Karma Chameleon.

Traveller vs. Tourist – Should we just get over it?

Much like sporting teams, political views, Team Beyonce or Team Kim K, the world is divided up into many different sides. There is a constant competition between people on their beliefs, opinions and actions. Whether its a friendly banter over whose footy team is better or whether its a full on, serious debate about which political party is best to run the country, it seems like we are constantly battling each other over whose opinion is right. Having a serious lust for travel, I am one for spending copious amounts of time searching the Internet for inspiration, new places to visit, where … Continue reading Traveller vs. Tourist – Should we just get over it?