My name is Jess. I’m a 22 year old Australian girl who is currently living in the Netherlands working as an Au Pair. I like bananas, travelling, peanut butter, singing the lyrics wrong and baby elephants. I tend to write about my travels and my experiences, mainly so I share my stories with everyone but also because I’m an awful storyteller in person, so I settle for writing down my adventures. I’m currently trying to see as much as Europe as I can while I am here and hoping that my next step in life pops up in front of me on the way! Please read and share my blog around. I’m here to tell, and I suppose inspire people to get out and see our great big world.

I’m always up for a chitchat, offer and accepting advice, collaborations etc etc. My email is

Hope you enjoy! 🙂




Australia. New Zealand. Indonesia. Thailand. Vietnam. Cambodia. Malaysia. Borneo. Singapore. United States. United Kingdom. France. Italy. Vatican City. Austria. Czech Republic. Germany. Switzerland. Monaco. Hungary. Belgium. The Netherlands. Norway. Ireland. Slovenia. Croatia. Turkey. Scotland. Greek Islands. Wales. Northern Ireland.

9 thoughts on “Me.

  1. Looking great, really like your post about the thing to do in Amsterdam, and as a born Dutch guy, you’re right about! Also, I may say that I’m a bit jelous, that you’ve allready visited that many different countries!


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