Why Paris is Better With Best Friends Not Boyfriends

Ahhh Paris, you beautiful and charming thing. Even the word ‘Paris‘ evokes a sense of romance, where whimsical music plays as you twirl around the street with a tall, dark handsome man. The cobblestone streets, the outdoor cosy cafes and the stunning gardens are just some of the reasons why Paris is the city of Love. But what happens if you’re not in love? Is Paris still as magical?

Hell freaking yeah

I will admit that before visiting Paris for the first time, I had visions not unlike what I described above. It was Leonardo DiCaprio and me, twirling and snuggling our way through Paris, somehow ending up with a glass of champagne and a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower at sunset. We were so dosed up on love that I didn’t notice the fifty million other tourists, the frustratingly painful hawkers or the smoggy air that coated the city skyline. Nope, for me, Paris was that one destination I was saving for my one true love (who just happened to be Leonardo DiCaprio at that time!)

Lets just fast forward to today where I swiftly retract my previous statement about only visiting Paris when you’re with your beloved and say that Paris is much better when you’re  NOT in love! That Paris is more of a good idea with your best girlfriends. Why you ask? Let me tell you why…

Paris is foodie heaven!
So first and most importantly of all. Paris is all about the food. The cheese, the croissants, the macarons – you get the idea. Now try and envision yourself eating all of that with your man. Would it be as enjoyable as stuffing yourself silly with your gal pals and having no regrets about un-doing the top button of your pants so you can fit that hot chocolate in… I think not! Of course, if your man is the one, he’ll love you regardless of your eating habits but it’s always more fun to gorge on delicious treats with your girlfriends and not have to worry about feeling like a blob.


via Snapchat -jessieb89


Parisians are beautiful
There’s definitely something in the water in Paris because every single, damn citizen could be on a runway. The flawless skin, the petite figures, the beautiful hair – Parisians are some of the most stunning people in the world. You’ll find yourself falling in love with every man that walks past and wishing you looked as classy as the women. If you’re travelling around Paris with a boyfriend, you’re limited to who you check out however if you’re with your girlfriends, there is no limit. You can create a fantasy wedding with the guy that made your coffee or pretend to be swept off your feet by the man reading on the Metro. The city is your oyster and you shouldn’t be ashamed about feasting your eyes!

This probably didn’t need to be a point because who actually likes shopping more with their significant other instead of their best girlfriends? I mean who else will wander for hours with you, browsing along the Champs Elysee pretending that you can actually afford all the designer labels? Who will truthfully tell you that your bum does look big in those pants or find something in that vintage shop that is so totally you? Yep, that’s right – your girlfriends! Instead of dragging your boyfie all around Paris in search of the perfect beret, let him do manly things with his mates at home while you and your galpals spend big!


Why not get matching silk pyjamas for your girls trip?


Wining & Dining
Who else pictures themselves in Paris having a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, sipping on some French wine and chowing down on baguettes smothered in brie cheese? Now I know this sounds romantic and lovey-dovey BUT picture doing this with your favourite girls, dressed in your cutest outfits toasting to friendship in one of the world’s most famous locations. Sounds a whole lot more appealing right? And what about when you want to sip cocktails and dance the night away? Yep, girls are so much better at that!

While Paris might be a good idea for a honeymoon, I’m going to introduce you to a word that I may have just made up but think will stick around – ‘friend-moon’. It’s not every day you get the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world and while Paris holds the top spot for romantic cities, it’s also one of the best cities to explore in style. Save your romantic holidays for remote islands or cosy cabins in the woods and make Paris your ultimate girls trip (aka friend-moon) destination!

I’ve seen Paris from both perspectives, one through lovey-dovey rose-tinted glasses and one with good friends pretending we were as glamorously cool as the locals and while both times were incredible, I definitely had a more memorable time with my girlfriends.

It’s incredibly cliched and cheesy but Sex and the City sums it up pretty well –
“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with” which might mean that Paris is still the City of Love but its the love of your best friends that make it special. I’d love to know your thoughts, would you prefer to visit Paris with your best friends or your partner?

J. x


7 thoughts on “Why Paris is Better With Best Friends Not Boyfriends

  1. Loved your post! Hahaha.. Paris IS magical! I was at the end of September for my 3rd time for a week end. Can’t have enough of it! And truth be told… Have you seen the French men.. wouldn’t you want to go there single? :))

  2. Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! I did Paris with my sister, and can’t imagine having had a fraction of the fun with a dude! While I have no problem stuffing my face in front of my man, there’s just something way more fun about doing it with your girls!

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