Where to find the best street art in Georgetown, Penang

There is nothing better than a good piece of street art. Actually, I lie, there is something better – a whole neighbourhood filled with funky street art! Georgetown, the capital city of Penang is a hub for creative souls who showcase their artwork through the Old Town. The street art is Georgetown has become so popular that people from all around the world are flocking the Malaysian island to check it out. Below I’ve put together a list of some of the street art you can find in Georgetown – from the popular, Insta-famous spots to a couple that are a little harder to find! Enjoy!

Kids on a Swing Lebuh Gat Chulia
The ultimate Insta spot for Penang. This iconic mural is probably one of the most photographed pieces of art in Georgetown which is understandable because it’s so fun and interactive!

Basketball hoop  Lebuh Gat Chulia
Tucked away on a side street across the road from the ‘Kids on a swing’ mural you will find the basketball hoop painting. Create a cool perspective shot by pretending to shoot hoops with the children.


Karate Kick – Off of Lebuh Ah Quee down the alleyway to the left of the ‘Boy on the motorbike’
If you have the flexibility and the agility, recreate the mural with a Kung fu kick. Or just pose awkwardly like I did


Boy on a Bike – Lebuh Ah Quee
Another classic shot that is infamous in Georgetown. This part of the street has quite a bit of art along the crumbling walls, such as the ‘Boy and his Dinosaur’ and a few minions.


Kids on a bike – Lebuh Armenian
This one is located at the end of Armenian Street. Go early to dodge the rickshaws carrying tourists! There are also some little pieces of street art tucked away in alleyways further down this street so go exploring and keep your eyes peeled.


Marilyn Monroe and Mr Bean – Lebuh Chulia
This street art is actually a clever marketing ploy by the Grand Swiss Hotel. You can have a seat with Marilyn, ride a with Mr Bean or stare blankly with the Mona Lisa. You can always stay at the hotel too!


Car park – Lebuh Pantai
This one I came across on an early morning walk and scored an empty car park and no people! This one is close to Coffee on the Table cafe, where you can get a coffee with super cute 3D latte art!

If you need a coffee break between art stops, Coffee on the Table is the place to go!

Boy and his Noodles
Close to Penang Times Square, you will find this huge, brightly coloured mural. They were right in saying that art reflects real life because below this mural were plenty of street food hawkers selling noodles!


Hua Hin Bus Depot
This arty little section of Georgetown is a discovery I made on a Sunday morning which happened to also be when the Hua Hin Bus Dept Sunday market was on. This funky little artisan market set amongst the street art was one of the best things I stumbled upon in Penang, definitely recommend a visit!




So there you have it, just a little collection of some of the beautiful street art in Georgetown, Penang. My best advice is to just get out and walk around, the pieces of art you randomly come across are often the most rewarding! If you’ve been to Penang and found some unique street art, tell me in the comments below!

J. x

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