Bali Selfie Park – Yes it’s a thing

Bali has always been quick to jump on a trend. Back when AAMI Insurance had those classic TV advertisements with Rhonda and Ketut, every clothing stall in Bali had shirts with ‘Kiss Me Ketut’ printed on them. When Indian headdresses were the festival fashion, shops selling beautifully feathered headdresses popped up everywhere. When acai bowls became a thing, you can bet that every single health food cafe featured an intricately made acai bowl. The Balinese are clever and know what sells and this last venture is no different.

In the north of Bali is a hidden treasure that I estimate will soon become a tourist hotspot. The ‘selfie park’ or the Wisata Selfie Pucak at Danau Buyan Lake is the genius idea of the Balinese to capitalise on foreign travellers and their obsession with selfies. The selfie park is the perfect location to get a banging Instagram shot that will leave others wondering where the heck you are.

FullSizeRender (2)
My favourite – the sunflower!

Set along the stunning Danau Buyan Lake, each small park has several different bamboo and wooden structures that give you an epic viewpoint to take your selfie from. Some of the different structures are the bird’s nest, the swing (it wouldn’t be Bali without a swing!), the giant hand, the boat and the LOVE sign. There are about four different parks and they cost approximately AUD$1 to enter. For this tiny amount, I can guarantee you will come home with a huge amount of photos!

While you’re there, don’t forget to take a second from perfecting your selfie to have a good look at Danau Buyan Lake. This massive space of water is a pleasant change from the crowded beaches that Bali is famous for. In fact, the entire time we were in the north we probably saw three other Westerners. So if you’re looking for a break from the busy streets of Bali’s more popular areas, definitely head north.

Don’t forget to stop and admire the lake!

As there isn’t an official address for the selfie park yet if you hire a scooter for the day your best bet is to head north and find Jalan Raya Wanagiri. Otherwise, hire a driver for the day to explore more of the north of Bali and they should be able to get you in the right area. The parks are easy to spot and there are lots of roadside restaurants on the other side of the road if you get hungry.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 6.34.27 pm
The parks will be scattered along Jl. Raya Wanagiri

So my friends, if you’re in Bali and looking for something different to do other than chase waterfalls and eat acai bowls, head north and discover the part of Bali where most tourists don’t go. You won’t be disappointed!

J. x

P.s – I realise none of these photos are selfies! But I was travelling with a team of like-minded travel bloggers and photographers so selfies weren’t needed! It is possible though – check out Alyssa at My Life’s A Travel Movie who is the queen of the selfie! (and who also showed us this amazing selfie park!)

14 thoughts on “Bali Selfie Park – Yes it’s a thing

  1. Wow! Curious but did you do this all in one day and change outfits each time? lol no judgement! Just curious 😉

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