Chiang Mai in Visuals

I spent two weeks in Chiang Mai to unwind after Nepal. I went straight from working 45+ hours a week to hiking to the base of Mt Everest and it wa time for this gal to have a holiday. This was my first time I’d spent such a long period alone but it was definitely worth it. I spent my days cycling around Chiang Mai, finding new cafes every day, wandering through temples and resisting the urge to buy everything! Chiang Mai is a city set-up for someone who just wants to stay in one place. It’s so easy to get around, the accomodation is cheap and the food is delicious. Chiang Mai is a popular spot for digital nomads to reside and I can totally understand why! If I ever succeed at becoming a digital nomad this is where I’ll be coming to live!

Below is a few snaps of my time here. I did touristy stuff towards the end of my stay which I’ll post soon! For now, here’s some of Chiang Mai in pictures.

J. X

What Phra Singh

Wat Suan Doi
My diet was shot to bits in Chiang Mai. This brownie at The Barn was amazing!
I think I ate pad thai nearly every second day. For AUD$2 why not!?

Rustic & Blue
Wat Phra Singh
Breakfast at Rustic & Blue
Black jelly – I think it’s coffee?
The Barn: Eatery Design

Coffee from a world class latte artist!
Beautiful frangipanis outside my Airbnb apartment
Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Chedi Luang

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