Hello Lima!

It may have taken over 40 hours but I finally arrived in Lima! After flying from Honolulu to Dallas I had a five hour layover until I boarded my next flight to Miami. Once I reached Miami it was about 6pm and I went straight to my hostel in South Beach to zonk out. I was booked in at SoBe Hostel which was a cool, cheap hostel right in South Beach. What I didn’t realise was that this place was a major party hostel so my dreams of a good nights sleep went right out the window!

The following morning I woke and went to find brekkie and have a little explore. South Beach was exactly how I pictured it, lots of Jersey Shore-esque type clothing stores, lots of bars and clubs and lots of overly made up looking people. But my flight was at 3pm so by 11am I was heading back out to Miami International Airport – running on about 4 hours sleep. My flight to Lima was 7 hours long and was actually really good, Avianca Airlines put on the goods! Arriving into Lima at around 10pm at night was kind of daunting. The thought of a new city, new country and new continent hit all at once as I waited to disembark the plane. For the first time since I left Australian soil I didn’t want to race of the plane, I wasn’t ready to put my big girl pants on and find my way around this strange new place. However as I was herded through customs and baggage collection (which was very nicely marked out by the way) that inkling of excitement started to squash the nerves.

South Beach, Miami
South Beach, Miami

Originally I was supposed to arrive at 1am in the morning but my flight had been changed to earlier so my arranged pick-up wasn’t there. I had heard many stories about how dangerous Lima is and about all the dodgy taxi drivers so I was hesitant to go with one of the many taxi drivers offering rides at the arrivals gate. However, not wanting to sit around until 1am, I ignored the warning voices in my head and negotiated a price with one of the authorised taxi drivers. Keeping my guard up from the moment I left the airport doors, I was on the look out for any suss movements. The poor taxi driver must have thought I was an absolute weirdo as I clutched my belongings for dear life and sat on the edge of the seat. I needn’t have worried, the taxi driver took me all the way to Miraflores and carried my bags to the hostel door. He was polite, courteous and in no way dodgy. I was starting to think these stories about how dangerous Lima is were slightly exaggerated.

Walking into the Dragonfly Hostel I was now excited. This was going to be my new home for the next two weeks while I volunteered with them. I had found them through Workaway, which I personally think is the best and cheapest way to arrange volunteering around the world. I met the manager Sergio and found out I would be helping out at the bar and with reception and housekeeping in exchange for free accommodation and half price on everything else. Sounds good to me! I fell into bed around 11:30pm and slept soundly til the following morning.


I woke early due to the heat and the loud noises from the street below. What I would later become accustomed to was the endless sounds of traffic and car alarms. Lima never really slept, which after peaceful nights in Hawaii – it would take some getting used to.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
If you insist!

I spent the day down by the beach with some new friends from the hostel. I got severely burnt and helped cook the most delicious spaghetti ever! I chilled out on the rooftop, enjoying the breeze and finally reading the books I had brought until 6pm when I started my first shift.

El Parque Del Amor
Wandering around Miraflores
El Parque Del Amor ❤
Park scenes

The work was easy, I just had to talk to other guests, get drinks, take money and keep the bar tidy. I was working with another volunteer from Argentina and despite his broken English we got along great. When I got to bed around 11:30pm I was happy with the day I’d had. The next two weeks were looking promising (minus the car alarms) and I was keen to see what they brought.




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