Discovering St. Andrews..And the best Indian I’ve ever eaten..

Leaving Anstruther, we navigated through the foggy roads until we reached the town of St. Andrews. With no intention for a long stop, we just needed a coffee before continuing onto Aberdeen. However as we drove into St. Andrews and passed a huge old ruin of a church and graveyard, we pulled into to have a squiz at this ancient old wonder. As it turns out, St. Andrews Cathedral is quite a massive tourist attraction, which we were totally unaware of! There isn’t much left of the old cathedral but from the information given at the site, you can picture the vast building as it once might have looked.

St. Andrews Cathedral
St. Andrews Cathedral

We walked out of St. Andrews Cathedral and down around to the water to the St. Andrews Castle for a sneaky look, and then headed into the town centre to find a coffee. St. Andrews turned out to be a lot bigger than we had imagined, and also a lot more important than we gave it credit for. As it turns out, St. Andrews is home to one of the biggest golf competitions in the world, has a university aaaand is where Kate and Wills first met. Shame on us ignorant Aussies for being so unaware! We had a lovely coffee in the town centre and then hightailed ourselves out of there because we had spent much longer than anticipated in this grand little town.

St. Andrews Cathedral
St. Andrews Cathedral

The drive to Aberdeen didn’t take all that long and we found out accommodation much easier than we thought! Thank you Google maps! We were staying at the Highland Hotel, but were actually given our own little apartment across the road, which was a nice break from the one-room places we were staying at. Dad was keen for a rest so Mum and I made the most of our girl time by going shopping. We returned several hours later with a few too many bags but very pleased with all our purchases. I was now equipped for the cold North Scotland weather.

Feeling a bit over all the pub food we’d been having, we searched for a different cuisine tonight and settled for Monsoona Indian, which was absolutely incredible! If you are ever in Aberdeen, go here. The service is impeccable and the food is just .. it’s just.. Just go there! Hands down, the best Indian I have EVER eaten! Unfortunately I was super slack (or preoccupied by the deliciousness) that I took no photos of the meals. Just take my word for it!

The next morning we left Aberdeen to do a bit of family history searching. My Granda was born in Aberdeen and lived there until he moved to Australia. It was the main reason why we had come to Aberdeen. We had been given two addresses, one where Granda was born and the other was where we grew up. Both were in Torry, that lies on the south bank of the River Dee and has a strong fishing community. The houses we passed were grey and dreary. Similar to other cities in Scotland, there was just a lack of colour and life in this area. But it was interesting to see where my Granda grew up and how different his upbringing was to mine.

We drove out of Aberdeen to meet a cousin of my Dad’s in the town of Hatton. Irene was a lovely lady sat us down with a big cup of tea and some Scottish buns as we all caught up with each others lives. As Dad’s side of the family is quite small and most don’t live in Australia, its always nice to meet new relatives and learn about them.

Family reunions! Irene, Dad and myself
Family reunions! Irene, Dad and myself

As usual, time got the better of us and we had to say our goodbyes to Irene and leave Hatton for our next leg of the trip – the Scottish Highlands. I can’t wait to see a Highland Cow!

J. x


p.s – apologies for the lack of photos of Aberdeen. In all honesty, I saw the main shopping street and Torry. We just weren’t there very long!

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