Spring It On!

From the months of November onwards I remained in a slightly jealous state of my Australian friends, who were soaking up the hot sun and flaunting it all over their Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest etc. Meanwhile, I was devising ways to look half fashionable whilst wearing at least two pairs of pants and several jackets. It was getting to a point where I would try to  use creative visualisation from my friends photos to summon some warmth into this chilly little country. Though my visualisation skills were less than desirable and I remained frozen while my Aussies friends revelled in the heat.

Not only was I missing the heat but it put my body all out of whack too. The harsh wind and cool temperatures made my skin dry and nails brittle. I’m pretty sure my hair stopped growing – but that might just be because I haven’t cut it in months. The lack of sunshine made me lethargic and depressed. And my brain just couldn’t comprehend the fact that it was January and it was bloody freezing! My whole state of being was thrown out of whack and I was starting to resent this country I was so fond of.

Though as the weeks rolled on, and summer in Australia is starting to fade away for another year, little old me here in Dutch-land is welcoming the warm weather with open arms. The resentment I was feeling before is being washed away by the start of Spring showing her face wherever I go. The Dutch have a crazy obsession with flowers – even so that Holland has been dubbed ‘The Land of the Tulips’. Literally everywhere you glance, you will see tulips blossoming in every colour under the sun. Every shop sells them, every house has them in their window and nearly every cyclist is carrying a bunch. Its definitely a new meaning to the term ‘flower power’.

Along with the gorgeous flora springing up (pun totally intended), the promise of warm weather is looking strong. Locals have been saying its the warmest winter they have had in years and despite my earlier wishes for a white Christmas, I am more than happy that the Celsius is starting to rise. I can already picture wasting my free time sprawled out in the park or on the beach, with friends, enjoying life. No more huddling in cafes over multiple coffees whilst the rain pounds the windows and wearing four layers of clothes! From now on, while the weather is fine – I want to take advantage of the rest of my time here. All the promises we made throughout winter, all the things we said we’d do when its warmer – its now time to get them done.

Even though it is still weird to think that the weather is only just starting to warm up in March and that my birth month of September doesn’t fall in Spring here, I’m looking forward to experiencing summer European style. I experienced the final curtain call of summer last year and am keen to get the full show this time around. I’m just not sure if I’m brave enough to bare these snow white legs of mine to the public just yet :p

From the girl who needs some Le Tan fake tan sent over(Mum I’m looking at you)

J. x


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