Someone pinch me..

Its around 7:30pm on the 27th of September 2013 and I’m sitting on a plane bound to London to visit friends and a special someone. I have come from Den Haag, Holland, where I have been living for a month with a family in a fabulous three story terrace house complete with a dog, cat and two rabbits.

OK, someone pinch me.

Nope, not dreaming. I’m having the ultimate “wow” moment right now. I can’t believe in the short space of two months I have totally changed my path in life. And whats more, every step of the way has felt completely natural and right. I started focusing more on my gut feeling than what my head was thinking. I also stopped wanting to please everybody, and started to do what I want. Which has lead me here, the other side of the world, only with a small group of friends and totally out of my comfort zone, yet the only feeling I have now is content. And its a feeling I can live with happily for now.

From the girl smiling like an idiot in seat 35C


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