For the love of London..

The past weekend I marked the occasion of making it through my first month as an au pair by flying across the North Sea to the land of the Poms to visit some friends. This sounds like a big deal but in reality its a mere 45 minute flight in a plane that looks like it was born a few weeks premature. Nevertheless, I made it to London safe and sound and greeted by a special boy who much to my disgust, I’m growing rather fond of. I met him on the Topdeck tour I was on before I started my job and my initial opinion of him wasn’t that rosy.. Pretty sure I used the term ‘cocky Gold Coast wanker’ to describe him. Though throughout the trip (and the week after) he proved he was actually a gentleman and incredibly sweet. And not from the Gold Coast. We had been talking everyday since I left London back at the start of September and seeing him again, a month later, it was like I had never left. He has taken to calling me ‘princess’ and enjoys playing host to show off his adopted city, which I will not complain about because I have seen more of London than I ever imagined.

After a lovely Friday night, the following morning the boy and I grabbed coffee and went to the train station to meet my friend. Again, seeing her and being with her felt like we had never been apart. Conversation picked up from where it left and the jokes we shared were still funny. I guess that’s the best part of a good friendship, it doesn’t matter if its been half an hour or half a year – things will always be the same. We dropped her bag off and headed to the pub so I could get my Aussie indulgence of NRL to tide me over for the next 11 months. It was my local club Newcastle playing the Sydney Roosters and well, it sucked, Newcastle got flogged. Though being surround by my friends (by this point, two other friends had met us as well) other Aussies and a cider in my hand, it was a top morning.

Our next stop was another pub for lunch and then a wander around the Thames River, along the TATE Museum and an obligatory Starbucks stop to fuel our energy for the night ahead. We had planned on going to an 80′s vs 90′s night in Camden. Basically it was the greatest music of all time being played in the funkiest part of London and an excuse to dress like total idiots and pass it off as ‘indie’. We stopped for wine and nibbles to assist us in getting ready and the girls night had begun. I hadn’t had a proper ‘girls night’ like this in ages and boy, was it good. Just a bunch of us, having a blast, dancing like idiots, singing our little hearts out and taking dorky photos. We got to bed around 4:30am, just before the sun started to show its face.

Sunday morning brought us a fabulously delicious breakfast at the cutest cafe in Shepherd’s Bush (Hummingbird Cafe – their coffee is to die for!) Next thing I know, I’m hugging my girls goodbye and meeting up with the boy again so he can take me back to the airport. Before I can even go back over the weekends events, I’m in Amsterdam and being told to remain in my seat until the seatbelt sign is switched off.

While I needed this mini break to catch up and rejuvinate, it left me feeling empty and somewhat alone. I missed my friends and the boy, I missed being able to be my total self around people and not worry of their opinions. I wasn’t in the ‘I need to be a normal human’ phase with these guys like I am in Holland. I get to be me. So the train ride from Amsterdam to Den Haag was quiet and I dwelled on my sad, depressing thoughts. The little dark cloud followed me until I walked through the front door where my host family greeted me happily and wanted to know all about my weekend. As I settled down on the couch to tell them everything, the little dark clouds started to drift away and while it wasn’t the same feeling of home that I have with my friends, it will do for now :)

From the girl who would live in London forever

J. x


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